Ways to make money that complement each other

It’s not a secret to anybody, that some ways of earning in the EU go well together.

Sweating and Hunting

Traditionally blends well Sweating and Hunting on low level mobs, it’s essentially the same sweating, only due to, that you pump sweat exclusively from low-level mobs, you besides Sweat also download skills, and also get what no loot. Accordingly, you can sell the received Sweat in direct trade, and you can convert it to Mind Essence, using a refiner, combining Vibrant Sweat and Force Nexus in it.

Of course, if you start from scratch, then some Vibrant Sweat will need to be sold in direct trade, and then, when will the initial capital be received, You can buy Force Nexus to convert to Mind Essence. Why is it necessary? In case you sell Sweat directly, then you will be forced to sell it exclusively with your hands, since it cannot be put up for auction. If you will sell Mind Essence, you can auction it, in this case you will be free to determine the lot size and its price yourself, based on market conditions and own considerations.

Fruit looking and mining

Also goes well Fruit looking and Mining. The thing is, that mining involves long walks in large open spaces, and with the recent update, it became possible to find fruits not only in walking mode, but also on the run.

Taxi and Oil rig

Another way to mix earning methods — combination of taxi services and oil gathering at Oil rig. The fact, what for, in order for you to find a client, a certain time must pass. During this time, you can well collect oil in Riga, and then overtake it into fuel for transport. Considering, that the main expenses in the taxi driver’s work are fuel costs, such a mix can be especially useful.