What are fruits and stones, and where are they collected?

Fruits and stones, as well as common dung — these are the free Entropia Universe resources, which can be picked up, just wandering around the planet.

They do not have specific locations and can be anywhere. To collect them, it is recommended to minimize graphics settings and move exclusively on foot (not to run!).

When passing by them, they become noticeable only near. Wandering through the expanses of the planets Entropia Universe, you can dial a significant number of them, and then sell to players.

Common Dung Cost — 1-3 peda per 1000 pieces (at different times, according to demand, the price may be different), fruits, due to the significant amount of food-consuming animals, are more expensive. For 1000 fruits of any kind, you can get about 9-15 PED.

Stones are in demand mainly by manufacturers of textures, and also in demand, but today much less, than earlier.