What does the inscription “This account has been locked. Further inquires about this matter should be directed to support “?

Your account has been blocked by Entropia Universe support. This could have happened for many reasons.

  1. You violated EULA and ToU, and the result was a temporary lock.
  2. Software installed on your PC, which seems suspicious to the Entropia Universe customer.
  3. You entered Entropia Universe via VPN or using IP and MAC spoofing tools.
  4. You tried to modify the client.
  5. This is a technical glitch.

There may be more reasons, but these are basic. Your actions are as follows:

  • log into your account on https://account.entropiauniverse.com/account/
  • create a new support case with a question, why your account is blocked.

Farther, after explanations with support, your account may be unblocked or be permanently blocked. It all depends on, what exactly happened. Anyway, support will answer you and explain everything. Be patient.