What kind of transport to buy

The game has a variety of vehicles (TS): ground, amphibians, floating, flying, space.

Transport happens:

  • free — given for completing quests;
  • ubiquitous — most players use it;
  • expensive and exclusive — sometimes this amount of money is indecent at first glance and economically it is in fact absolutely unjustified.

We will talk about that transport, which is really worth getting and how to make it as profitable as possible.

In the process of training on the planet Calypso in the location of Calypso Gateway, each character receives his first TS — car (Valkyrie T1 (C,L) or simply Valkyrie.

This is the most economical vehicle in the game, therefore, for a beginner it is important to protect it, as long as possible. Letter «WITH» in the name means, that the machine can be customized, t.e. paint and paint using special tools. But now the letter is important to us «L» — she means, that the car is limited, and after receiving a certain amount of damage it becomes completely unusable.

Each vehicle in Entropia Universe has two strength indicators: TT Value (TT cost) and Structural Integrity (structural integrity). They can be seen, by clicking RMB on the vehicle and selecting Item Info, on the first tab of the window that appears. Design integrity is reduced when any damage is done: hitting an obstacle, falling from height, mobs attack, PvP Weapon Damage. It can always be restored to its maximum value, for this, it is enough to have a device for repairing Vehicle RK-5 (L) and consumable — Welding Wire. You can also ask someone from the Society to repair the vehicle, or just set the smoking frame in a crowded place, shouting a request for repair in local chat, almost always a car will be repaired for free.

Unlike Structural Integrity, the cost of CTs for limit items is not restored, and when it drops to 3% from the maximum value (in the case of Valkyrie, it is less than 1 pitch) the machine can be turned into scrap metal, t.e. to the trading terminal (TT). And buy a new vehicle, or get used to walking ?

Except Valkyrie, there are several more vehicles, available in the Entropia Universe «is free», completing quests, but the free here is often quite arbitrary, since the cost of completing the quest will be much higher, than the purchase price of Sleipnir Mk1 (C,L) with a minimum TT Value at auction, which you buy once for 12-15 PED and for the next 5 years forget about any problems with traveling around the planet, since even 20% TT will be absolutely enough for you, for a very long time, if you plan to use vehicles for transportation, not for that, to smash him about space mobs (eg).

Sleipnir consumes an acceptable amount of fuel, always helps to get out of a hopeless situation, when there’s no teleport around the mob. In addition, flying mobs do not aggro, and if you exclude visiting PvP zones on it, then when moving inside the planet, the hinge becomes almost eternal — TT cost does not decrease.

With all the alleged diversity of flying vehicles — the only alternative to Sleipnir Mk1 (C,L) —  Quad-Wing Interceptor (L), but it costs a lot more (from 150 to 200 PED depending on auction price fluctuations) and consumes more fuel. His only advantage — it has a speed of movement in space almost twice as high, than horsefly, and this significantly reduces the flight time between the planets. About Buying Quad-Wing Interceptor (L) you should think only if you want to move safely in space or are going to farm space mobs, but this is a completely different story.

Sleipnir Mk1 (C,L) and quad-wing interceptor (L) after a little refinement they can make interplanetary flights. To go into space they need to install Space Thruster (L). That is why almost all flying vehicles except Sleipnir Mk1 (C,L) and quad-wing interceptor (L) not needed, because by buying, eg, helicopter, with the desire to fly to another planet, you will not fly away on it, and rest against the firmament with a screw. After all, the installation of Space Thruster (L) only available on Sleipnir Mk1 (C,L) and quad-wing interceptor (L).

If we compare flying transport and wheeled, then in the presence of the first, wheeled becomes virtually unnecessary, since it consumes about the same amount of fuel, like Sleipnir Mk1 (C,L) (and some models and even more), and allows you to move only on the ground, where there are always aggressive mobs, impassable relief and other pleasures of life. In the case of Sleipnir Mk1 (C,L) you just climb, stay on course and calmly move towards the goal. If desired, you can calculate the travel time, taking the distance to your waypoint in kilometers and dividing it by the speed of Sleipnir Mk1 (C,L) (57.6 Km/h).

For example, if you need to cover a distance of 20 km, then dividing 20 by 57.6. After recounting the fractional parts of the hour, we get 21 minutes. It means, that after entering the course, you can set yourself a timer for 21 minutes and calmly go about your business, while on wheeled transport it would be necessary to overcome such a distance, controlling every meter of the way.