Where and How to End a Mentoring?

Planet Cyrene

It’s been five months since I started my journey through Entropia. It was only a week ago that I got the 10 Lvl profession Laser sniper hit!

After reaching level 10 of any profession, tokens for Gauntlet missions are no longer given out!And to swing longer, I ignored pumping codex. And started using it only after reaching level 10. At this point, the mentor’s progress is already more than 85%. With the help of the codex, I got it to 100%.

More about Mentoring here and here.

So, no matter which planet you were born and trained on, you can finish and be rewarded on any of the planets, based on your desired reward!

There are currently 6 planets and 5 different types of mentor armour:

  1. Calipso – Pixie Adjusted armour and Transport [Explorer Mk. 1 (L)].
  2. Cyrene – Default Cyrene Chest armour and Cyrene Disciple P.I.G.V. transport.
  3. Arkadia – Musca armour and transport [Explorer Mk. 1 (L)].
  4. Next Island – Atlas armour and transport [Explorer Mk. 1 (L)].
  5. Toulan – Rifi armour and transports [Explorer Mk. 1 (L)].
  6. Rocktropia – Pixie Adjusted Armour and Transport [Explorer Mk. 1 (L)].

By marcap the most expensive are Atlas and Cyrene, but even a full pixie set can be sold for 100 peds! So compare the specs and decide if you will use the armor yourself or put it up for sale right away.

To fly into space you will need a Space Thruster, which you will need to install on your Slepnir or Quad. You can buy the Thruster at an auction. The markup is around 140%. It costs 5 peds, but you can only buy it for 7. Install Truster and go up until the window pops up. Click OK and find yourself in space. Now on the map select the desired landing place and fly, either to a planet or a station.

Personally, I flew out to finish the mentor on Cyrene. The armour is decent, the marcup on it is good.

Also, there are some interesting quests on Cyrene.