Where to start leveling skills?

Every character, created by Entropia Universe, can be developed in various professions, as in several, and in all at once.

Entropia Universe has two ways to achieve professional growth. First way — it’s active, during which funds are spent and, including due to their consumption, there is an increase in the skills and attributes of the character. The second way is to buy and fill skills.

There is something, what you should do right away, after that, how did you get from the training location to the planet, and this is, what you are guaranteed to not be able to get when pouring skills, and that is not pumped during the initial missions, which commonly use weapons, practically not giving rise to one of the attributes necessary for the character.

When buying and filling skills, the attributes of the character are not pumped at all. Character attributes available can be increased, only participating in vigorous activity, or after completing missions, where give tokens to increase attributes. And there are very few such missions.

Agility and Strength

In our opinion, only two types of attributes are of great importance to the beginner, no matter what activity he plans to do, even for a merchant or fruit picker. These are the attributes of Agility and Strength.

Agility is also responsible for the speed of the character, and Strength — for carry weight. Agility attribute deficiency can be offset by items or buffs. for instance, Can I buy Adjusted Harrier Assault armor from the Starter Pack Gold, and add to it Hermetic Ring Modified. As a result, get a constantly increased movement speed of 23%, without paying anything further. A increase the carry weight, just by buying some item, increasing this characteristic, not allowed. Yes, it is possible to use containers with anti-gravity effect, but it is rather inconvenient. And given that, that the carry weight is easy to increase, and it will cost you less to buy even one or two anti-gravity containers, then it’s worth doing right after arriving on the planet.

The maximum transferred weight of the newly created character is only 150 kg. Whatever activity you start, the number and weight of carried items may become an obstacle to its implementation.

We are sure, that any Entropia Universe member is uncomfortable, when after buying a few extra items, items and resources, character, instead of, to run, suddenly slows down or goes into foot mode altogether. Of course, you can’t endlessly increase weight, but quite quickly and cheaply the pumping of the transferred weight will cost up to 240 kg, the next leap in pumping can be done already up to a weight of 320 kg, and after reaching this value, the weight increases slowly, and requires active and long pumping, which at the initial stage is definitely not needed.

For reference: maximum number of carry items in inventory, which immediately equals 200, not subject to increase. After increasing the number of carried items in inventory to 201, the character will immediately go into foot mode. To increase the number of carried items, you can use containers of various types and types.

How is weight gain going?

Each unit of the Strength attribute gives a non-linear increase in carry weight. The first 10 Strength units give you 10 kg of carry weight for each Strength unit. In this way, weight of 240 kg can be achieved already in the first 15-25 minutes of pumping, and this achievement will cost a very small amount, just a few ped.

After the attribute reaches 11, and weight 240 kg, pumping will slow. Further, the character receives already only 5 kg of transferred weight for each unit of Strength. This progress continues until the character reaches the Strength attribute of 26 units. After reaching this value, the transferred weight will be 320 kg.

With further boost Strength, carry weight increases by only 1 kg per 1 unit of Strength attribute, and in our opinion, after reaching a portable weight of 320 kg, it’s pretty pointless to continue to purposefully pump a new character, since the amounts, spent on further pumping will grow significantly, and you, perhaps, planned to do not hunting at all.

Sensible, in our opinion, will stop at a value of 280-310 kg, while the cost of pumping will be minimal. According to the information we have, your pumping losses in monetary terms will amount to, depending on your chosen limit, up to 12-25 PED, and take about 1 time.5-3 hours of your time.

How to pump?

Guns, carbines and even a grenade launcher, which can be obtained in the process of completing initial missions, Strength is not suitable for leveling. You need to use weapons to level Strength, bought at the trading terminal, which refers to knives, or just a knife. Precisely edged weapons, such as knives and swords, gives the stength attribute growth.

There are several types of weapons in all trading terminals of all planets in the Weapons category, including a couple of types of cold. Which one to choose for a beginner for this leveling? Without going into details, just say, what do you choose. You need a knife, which has a damage spread of 2.5-5, and the number of attacks per minute 78. TT cost of this knife is 9 PED.

Never mind, what planet are you on, just find a trading terminal. In all terminals of all planets there is this knife, on different planets it is only called differently, and has a different shape, but it has the same characteristics.
To pump the carry weight up to 240 kg you need 1 such knife, for pumping up to 290-300 kg — 2 knives, for 320 kg — about 4 knives. Naturally, all this money will not be wasted, and net of loot tax, you will get back the money in the form of loot from those mobs, which you have to kill. A good result for you would be the value of the Strength attribute, equal to 22.

Mob for mobilization

If you are on the planet Arkadia, then your choice of mob for pumping will be obvious. In Celeste Quarry you can find a significant population of mobs, called Carabok Puny. These mobs give the largest gain in skills, and the above figures of expenses and the required number of knives are indicated in the calculation, that pumping will be carried out on Carabok Puny mobs. On them you pump faster.

But since so many participants start their journey at the Entropia Universe on Calypso, as the most populated, and, perhaps, the most convenient planet to start, then you have to find another mob on it. It can be almost any weak mob, which will be convenient to kill without armor, e.g. Tripudion, Berycled, Caudatergus or Cornundos. All these mobs must be puny, that is, they should be called Tripudion Puny, Berycled puny and t.P. All, what is required of you, is to kill these mobs with a purchased knife, and monitor the growth of your Strength attribute, and correspondingly increasing carry weight.

After about 1.5-3 hours of such a lesson, when you will see, that the carry weight has grown to your planned value, you can stop and do any training missions, which NPC characters offer you, or activity, which you planned to do right away. Of course, with such pumping you will inevitably have losses, we have already indicated them above, but the result is worth it, and you will never regret, that spent this pumping right away, rather than postponed for later.

In addition, we want to note, what any other participant can tell you, that this knife will not be used sparingly on Puny mobs. And what you should buy another, on the auction, with less damage spread, e.g. 2-4. Or generally advise you to buy an anlim knife. We do not recommend listening to these nonsense. Because there are no weapons cheaper, than something, which can be bought in TT. Even if you spend extra 1-2 PED when it is used uneconomically, then with «economical use of the right knife» you pay extra charge on it, which is the same 1-2 PED for each knife, only this money you give to another participant. About a knife with a margin of 50-100 PED is generally better not to remember, because after such a pumping it will still later need to be sold without loss, that takes a certain amount of your time. But if suddenly friends from your society offer you such a knife for pumping, even on bail, then, of course, don’t refuse, take, and then return. Or if someone offers you a more economical limit knife with no extra charge, just by TT and «with hands», take it too.

If you have not increased the maximum carry weight of your character so far, we recommend you, without putting off, do it right now!