Which profession to choose?

so, Entropia Universe client downloaded. All set, you have passed the starting area, everyone tried, what was given there, and now what? What to do? Nobody offered you anything, not imposed.

You are on the verge of a pretty beautiful world, and think, what to do next. How someone wrote, such aimlessness repels and attracts at the same time. What did you find for yourself in this, at first sight, strange world others, participants dressed in beautiful armor and colorful clothes?

It’s time — look around in this world and understand, what is he. You can be helped in this articles for beginners, featured on this site. When you figure it out, at least a little, in the mechanics of Entropia Universe, and decide, that your participation here is definitely lacking, and this usually happens after a week of acquaintance, and then they leave, who understood, that it is not for him, then it’s time to make an initial deposit.

We would recommend making a deposit of 100-200 $. This amount is enough, to get the most necessary and start working in your chosen profession. Which?

And here everything is quite complicated. In no case do not focus on choosing a profession for a local chat, in which the globals are broadcast. Those people, who receive them, this, usually old-timers, know more than yours or pour so much money, how much you will never pour, because it is a pity.

Let’s look at three main professions:


That profession, which you are pushed to from the very beginning. Everything you see (participants with weapons, globals), and beckon to pick up a gun, a gun or a sword and start felling everything that moves left and right, counting on, that you and you will be the chosen one, which with Caudatergus Puny will knock out the largest amount in history.

As for the hunter profession, then at first it’s really the most affordable. And so attractive. Yes, and you probably read materials from this site? And bought weapons, a pharmacy, and ran to hunt? Now, in horror, you ran to the terminal to hand over everything back with a cry of FAIL!!! But at first it’s not so scary at all, and if you spend some money, as well as time, what you will not need in the future, or come in handy a little, will not bring you big losses.

In fact, the hunter profession is not needed at all only to those, who is going to craft or trade. Not at all needed. For any other activity (e.g. resource search) she is needed.

Now let’s look at the economics of the hunter profession more closely, on one very interesting side. Namely, in terms of the ability to buy weapons and equipment in a year or two.

At first you will get a weapon very simply. Go and buy at the trading terminal. And Pixie Armor, or similar to her, will be very cheap, as at cost, so in operation. But the novice hunter does not think, what will happen in a year. For a year you can pump quite seriously, if you hunt tight. And in six months or a year you will understand, that the growth of the profession has a limit. No limit to growth, just the growth of skills has slowed so much, that to reach the next level you need to wrap already thousands of PED.

Besides, you will find, what are those mobs, whom you beat, turn out to be too simple and as if already tired, and it’s time to change them for something more serious. And then it happens. You discover, what you need new weapons and armor.

Limit weapon only, pretty damaging, has an extra charge, and quite considerable (sometimes up to 120-150%), which practically had no initial weapon, or close to him. It means, what is that money, which you spend on weapons, will not go to kill a mob entirely, and partially go to the participant, who sold you this weapon.

You frantically looking for an unlimited analogue, and it turns out, what is he worth … 5000 PED. Or a similar weapon costs 300-1000 PED, but you cannot use it as efficiently as possible, because for this you need to have 100 level in the profession… Can you imagine the box, clogged with hundred dollar bills? Very big? This is approximately the 100th level in the hunter profession (or miner).

With the growth of your prof. weapons will rise in price, which you can and want to use. How do you like a gun or a gun for 1000-5000…dollars? It’s that money, which you will have to pay for the right to possess this set of pixels with virtual damage. Moreover, here the rule is simple, Entropia Universe has few top weapons, or is it, but limited, and as a result has a significant margin, because it allows you to hunt for such mobs, from which something really valuable falls out.

Yes, of course, there is a tim hunt and it helps a lot. That is why it is worth joining the active Society, to share the costs, and kill those mobs with not very expensive weapons, from which something good may fall out. At some point, the hunter profession becomes unprofitable for a loner, unless of course you are a rich loner. Or very rich.

But back to the armor and, what is not less important, pharmacy. Armor. You also find out, that for every mob you need armor thicker and better, and that different mobs need different, because mobs are also very different and do different types of damage. It presents you with a choice, whether to collect a universal expensive set of armor and a set of boards to it, or assemble and use several sets.

Fortunately, Entropia Universe now has a lot of different armor, but all this is money, and the extra charge for some armor will unpleasantly surprise you. For example, parts of Perseus armor have a margin of 150-200%. This means that for each, suppose, 100 PED piece, you will pay 150-200 PED money (again not entirely in the EU, and partially to someone), and you can’t repair this armor. However, armor does not wear out in 5 minutes, and in weeks-months, therefore it is possible, it will suit you.

Now, unlike past years, at the auction and in stores there is a wide selection of armor, having good parameters, and for a not very significant amount of money. Even for the top types of armor (albeit its limited options), you pay moderate amounts, compared to weapons.

Pharmacy. When your health creeps to 150 HP, you will find, that your favorite and inexpensive pharmacy is no longer enough, to cure you well. By then you, probably, will already be sitting on mobs, which cause 50-100 HP damage, and you will need a pharmacy like air. And here you will also encounter a complete absence in the market of top items, which can be repaired. And if they are, then from 500 to 25,000 dollars! so, you run into the same rake, as with weapons — you will have to switch to limited versions of pharmacies, and pay extra charges to other participants.

Final conclusions on the hunter profession:

  1. The easiest at first.
  2. As professional level grows, everything rises in price, from weapons to pharmacies, which increases costs.
  3. Very low probability of knocking out something valuable, but if you succeed, then with successful deals you can buy half the car.
  4. The possibility of hunting as a group to reduce costs, but you have to share it.
  5. Very expensive outfit when hunting alone at high levels of the profession.
  6. Probably, need constant «supporting» deposits, until you find a mob or mobs for yourself, which you can hunt for plus


It seems not very noticeable, concentrated people with detectors, scouring every square centimeter of the virtual surface of the planets in search of resources, and digging, digging, digging…

You might think, that this profession is quite expensive at first, because you need to buy a lot of Probe to search in the terminal. But gradually, As the, it will become clear to you, that it is still cheaper, than the hunter profession. Why? Because you can buy almost everything you need for the profession in the terminal.

That is the most important — Probe. They always stand the same, and about 80-90% they will make your expenses.

Can’t say, that these costs will be small (they will depend on your turnover), but with increased professional growth, you can afford more efficient detectors and excavators for $ 20-50-300 (these are those, which can be repaired), or limit with a margin of 10-25%. Given their less wear, the miner profession will seem more attractive to you..but… There is always but. You will have to work hard, to figure out areas, where does something valuable lie, and most importantly, learn to find this valuable.

Unlike the hunter profession, where it’s clear who you beat, and about what you get, especially looking entropedia, then the miner is different. He does not know, what and how much he will find. Of course, roughly suggests, judging by their records and resource maps, but still not so. Day to day is not necessary. for instance, in the same area you can find an expensive resource today, and tomorrow you will not find him there, and find cheap, and the day after tomorrow you will find dear again, and a day later you will not find anything. It all depends on time and place, and your turnover. Unlike mobs, with which in most cases you get an average uniform loot, with various impregnations of something valuable.

And the miner’s profession — profitable profession, if you accumulate enough knowledge and skills, and be patient and persistent enough.

Keep in mind, what a miner — it’s a loner. He does not shine any participation in the team, no events (except mining, sometimes held by land owners). He is always alone with his seeker, running in search of valuable and dear (or not so) of resources. If you want to be in a team, have fun — this profession is not for you. Miner’s best friend — auction! You will not be invited to timhanty, because there you drag the seeker, and you will bomb, hoping to find something of value, if you really become a keen miner.

Detectors for a high level of development in the profession will seem to you very inexpensive, even with extra charges, compared to guns/guns for hunters, having a similar level of profession development.

You can buy an extractor at once and forget about it for a long time. But bother to buy the most economical. Refiner too!

Miner equipment includes, in addition to the seekers, air Transport (e.g. Slepnir), and armor, as a means of protection against mobs. Although of course, mobs are best avoided, and mine in areas, where mobs are non-aggressive, or they simply do not exist. But this is a very small item of expenditure, because the armor will hardly wear out.

Best Miner Choice — Jaguar (L), she is light, and protect you from most threats.

You can not buy a pharmacy (or use Vivo S10), You can also buy a health regeneration chip, because the chip economy is getting better at some point, than cheap pharmacies. But it is desirable to use the chip quite rarely (it’s also expenses).

Also, the miner must have minimal hunter skills, so that in case of something to kill the annoying mob, who sagged, when you dug the found resource.

If you are consistent and lucky, you may have enough to develop a deposit of only 500-1000 dollars, and then you can go fully into non-deposit mode, if you don’t make sudden movements or take inappropriate actions.

Important, that in the miner’s profession you will have the opportunity to go all-in, that is, if you have money, sharply increase your costs, eg, buying amplifiers. And this can be done quite soon after the start of a career, low level of development.

The hunter profession will not give you such an opportunity. To increase costs (t.n. PED flow), EU reacts differently. For example, a large issue with 2-3 zeros. But maybe it’s all taken away.

Conclusions on the profession of a miner:

  1. Seeming dear at an early stage, but on closer inspection it looks more optimistic in terms of future spending planning.
  2. Cannot search for resources in a group (cost sharing is not possible).
  3. Requires a lot of patience and mapping resources.
  4. Requires strict accounting of finds and determination of profits/losses.
  5. Reasonable expenses at high levels of the profession and the availability of equipment.
  6. Hunter skills needed in small numbers.


Crafter profession (manufacturer path) — for those, who came to the entropia universe to make money. But before that you should consider, that the deposit to start a career should be quite serious. From 1000-2000 dollars and more. Because it will be necessary to pump or fill skills to a certain level, which will allow you to create things, really in demand in the market. And invest in drawings (at least 2-4 pieces), which will provide you (at least in perspective) a comfortable future.

Yes, ups and downs are inevitable, but with good drawings for demanding things, you can always get out. Not worth talking, that the crater communicates with himself and hides his secrets as carefully as possible, as well as, what drawings he receives in the process and when crafting what exactly this or that drawing can get.

Also a craft profession — This is a constant monitoring of the auction, search for the cheapest resources for work, because the crater uses the resources extracted by other participants (hunters and miners) in their activities. You will have to get acquainted with the intricacies of the market, identify trends in rising and falling prices for resources and your products, identify supply and demand trends, and play them as much as possible to your advantage.

Your losses can be huge. But also arrived, and you will need to become the most knowledgeable trader in the EU, when it comes to sales and purchases. Also, like a miner, you will always be alone, and you can never participate in a team, many will envy your success, and you will grieve about your failures alone. You can become a thriving crafter, only for a long time studying the EU and the intricacies of speculation in it. Your market knowledge and anticipation of demand/offers — here is your key to success!

Conclusions on the profession of crafter:

  1. Dear at the initial stage and requiring a significant turnover of funds.
  2. Unable to join the group, but you can team up with a group of miners/hunters for purchases/sales.
  3. It takes a lot of patience, but allows you to craft AFC.
  4. Requires strict accounting and market monitoring.
  5. Requires careful study of the Entropia Universe and all its aspects.

We tried to give you an idea of ​​the main professions at Entropia Universe. Well, what do you want to become you — only you decide! Can be anyone, no one forbids becoming a professional even in all three core professions!