Why does Entropia Universe have outdated graphics?

CryEngine 2 — old engine.

The Entropia Universe has not changed the graphics engine since 2009, that not graphics is the essence and purpose of the project. The project is primarily aimed at serious business relations of participants, and even if Gamebryo’s 2003 graphics engine were still preserved , we guess, that Entropia Universe fans would be no less.

Free conversion of the project currency into the equivalent of US dollars in two directions, as input, and conclusion — that’s what attracts people to this project! A unique opportunity to build your virtual business, experiment with business relationships on a virtual platform, and evaluate your capabilities as a businessman — exactly this, and not the beauty of the leaves on the trees of the virtual world makes Entropia Universe so attractive!

Of course, the younger generation would like to get beautiful explosions, gorgeous and spectacular looking characters and beautiful landscapes in maximum 4K resolution, but to most participants, who came here to build a business and earn money here, quite enough, what is.

If we could not convince you or answer your question fully, well, then you will like other projects.